Well, greetings to you. My name is Christian Logay, and I am the writer of this Blog “That’s How I Do It”. This portion of the Blog site is where I tell you about myself. There’s so much to tell its hard to know where to begin.

First off, I live in Sacramento, California. My home town is Long Beach, California which is in the southern part of California in the Los Angeles county.

My life up to this point has been one exciting ride. I have seen things, met people, participated in things and campaigned against the various issues in life that a lot of people do not get to be a part of. I come from old school family values that my parents have instilled in me, and that I have developed myself over the last 45 years. I am the oldest of three children and our parents raised us kids to be independent and plan for the future, and they did it with a firm hand and a caring heart. For the most part, we turned out O.K.

I created this Blog because I felt that, what I have been through, not many people go through, and I feel I have teaching style opinions on how life should be lived. I use my parents upbringing styles a lot of times in what I write about. My ethics, morals, and “way’s” a lot of people tend to disagree with. I consider myself as a parent, to be a teacher as well as a mentor. My children are taught the ways of how the world “actually” is, not how they see it is on television. I teach my kids to look long, that trust is earned, to treat and respect those how you wish to be treated and respected, and always be prepared for the future. I teach “Reality 101” in my writings and in the ways I speak to my family and friends. A lot of times, people do not want to hear Reality. A lot of where I get my inspiration on the subjects I speak of is merely by continuing to live each day, doing the right thing all the time, and at the end of the week there is usually something that sticks in my heart that just needs to be written about here in this Blog.

The Title of this Blog is “That’s How I Do It” and was first created between myself and a friend of mine, to emphasize to others the reasons why we are the way we are.

I am a proud American citizen, I love America, and have been known to voice my “Old School” opinions on the numerous issues that this generation of the American people are going through. I am also a Christian saved child of God that believes Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and I believe we will all stand before God one day and answer for all of our sins. I am not a very political person, politics never really interested me, if you asked me my opinion on our president, I would have to say, while Obama is not perfect himself, he was chosen by the people to run this country, and I believe he only has America’s best interests at heart. A lot of what he is doing I believe may not look very sound right now but when all the pieces are in place, America will be better off than it has been in a long time.

As far as my educational achievements, I am a high school graduate, I attended one year of community college, and one year of Technical training on the job in the field of Stationary Engineering. By trade I am a Facility Maintenance professional in a management capacity. My interests are ¼ mile Drag racing, Cigars, various sports, Technology, self improvement, and obviously writing. Maybe after reading this bio, you may want to add this Blog to your favorites, or maybe not. What ever way you choose to go with, you’re invited to write your comments to what I write about. I welcome all. Do you know why?…

Because, “That’s How I Do It”.


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